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Our Aim

By helping people to build their future based on trust and integrity, we create long-lasting relationships and the environment of choice for many businesses in the UK. Our goal is to become the most transparent and technologically advanced recruitment agency in the UK.

Together, we make our customers life successful and trouble-free wherever they might be.


Who we really are

Our people are everything. Whether that’s the people we work for, or the people we work with, each and every one of us carries the reputation of Accept on our shoulders. That’s why it’s so important for us to act in a way that reflect the ideas and aspirations that we all share. From meetings with clients, to presentations amongst ourselves, we want to maintain cohesion, transparency and consistency across all our communications ensuring that we present Accept as the recruitment partner of choice as well as the best recruiter to work for (or with). The beauty of our business is that we expand rapidly and there is always a place for new roles being created. The right talent has a huge potential to grow within the company in no time. Some of our people have grown from Managers to directors within one year! Could this be you?

We laugh a lot. We work a lot too as we want to help people, we feel guilty if we can't - it is in our nature. And it is true that we have superpowers but you would need to join us first to be able to see them! We need to warn you too - If you're looking for a corporate environment with micromanaging or strict targets etc. This isn't us... But here are some of us:





Our Vision and Values

The power of TRUST


Everything changes with time and the only way to address the differences is to remain honest. Always. We all have feelings and we stand by our intentions because we believe that this is the way to be.


Truthfulness: We are the true ambassadors and our greatest asset is our team members. Open and honest communication will build trust and allow the contribution of individual strengths to the improvement of the team.

Relentless: We are passionate recruiters with a continuous desire to learn and innovate. We exceed our customer’s expectations through active engagement, relentless focus and a passion for innovative solutions. There’s always room for improvement.

Understanding: By getting to understand our client’s and candidate’s goals we are able to match them with no failure. Our knowledge makes us specialists while our compassion makes us human beings - a perfect combo to a long-lasting relationship.

Supportive: We recognise the unique value and creative potential in everyone while working as a team. We promote an environment of collaboration and respect.

Teamwork: We engage, have fun and make others successful. Diversity is strength, and when we trust and respect one another, we can work as a team to achieve at a high level. Our strongest asset is the power of “we”.



We can only build our own future with helping others build theirs - It's a people thing


Do you like who we are? Does our values sound like yours? Join us today!  

Thank you! – It's a people thing
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